Tuesday, March 3, 2009

(Nobody needs to know it's only gold paint)

You know the days that start great but then end with your mind crashing into a wall, sliding down it, leaving a slimy brain-goo trail behind?

For me, today was one of them.

What upset me the most is that I got sulky. I suppose some might say I had the right to be, but the way I see it is that other people don't deserve my bad attitude that I start giving out when I'm sulky. Kara got alot of my 'tude during Biology, but she would back me up when I say that at the end of the lesson I tried to be perky and asked her a little too many questions about her day.

And to be completely honest, those 15 minutes spent trying to perk myself up, were probably the best minutes of my whole day. Even better than before (that). It was just too fun being annoying and asking silly questions about Kara's day, and the fact that she is so sweet that she just keeps answering them, because she knows I'm trying to be positive.
Thank you!!!!

My lesson for the day= Fake it 'til you make it. With marshmallow qualities, at least. Fake smiling leads to real smiling and you can cheer yourself up.

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